Completing the Online Application

The first step is to Register Online to start your application. The earlier you do this, the longer you’ll have to work on your application. Having trouble registering? Check out this simple tutorial.

Make sure you review the application questions and start drafting your responses.

Remember the Co-op Program is looking for what makes you stand out from the crowd. Include enough detail in your answers to showcase who you are, what experience you have and why we should choose you. A list of achievements is a good start, but an explanation about how these achievements have helped you grow as an individual is much better! Application tutorial here.

Log on and update your application as many times as you like, just make sure you click SUBMIT before the 30th September!

You can check Co-op's eligibility criteria and application questions here.

Schools Assessment Page (SAP) 

Make sure you nominate your Careers Adviser or Year Level Coordinator to complete your Schools Assessment Page (SAP) as soon as you register. Your teacher can submit the SAP after 30 September.

Once applications have been reviewed, a notification email will be sent advising you to view your application status online (see timeline below for dates). You will be advised of the outcome for all program preferences selected in your application.

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Interview and Briefing Days

If you successfully progress to the interview stage you will be invited to attend an interview briefing session and your Co-op interviews. An email notification will be sent on 9 November for interview offers.

Interview Briefing Day will be on Tuesday 21st November & interviews will take place on Wednesday 22nd November. If you successfully progress to the interview stage you will be invited to attend an interview briefing session and your Co-op interview.

At the Co-op interview briefing session you will meet the Co-op team and find out greater detail about the program, and more specifically what you can expect during your Co-op interview. You’ll have a chance to ask the team all of your questions about the program and interview process.

During your Co-op interview, you will meet with a panel comprising of academics and/or industry representatives who will ask questions to find out more about you and your suitability for the program.

"The interview briefing day completely inspired me and reassured me that I was on the right path. My interactions with first-year co-op scholars on the day of my interview continued to fuel my excitement as I felt they were so genuine about their support of the program and this was infectious."

Capri Maher, Marketing scholar

Offer and Acceptance

When interview outcomes are finalised, you will again receive a notification email advising you to view your application status online. You will be advised of the outcome for all interviews attended (some students attend multiple interviews).

Conditional offers will be sent on Thursday 8th December. If you receive a conditional offer you will have some time to consider whether you would like to accept or decline this offer pending the results of your high school exams. This is the time to consult family and friends so that you are prepared with an answer when your results are released. On the day your exam results are released you will need to communicate with the Co-op team to confirm how the offer will proceed.

If you receive a shortlisted status you will be contacted by the Co-op team prior to UAC closing date to advise whether any offers have become available. If we cannot reach you by phone we will email our advice.

"Having a Co-op scholarship makes me feel really proud and appreciative for all the activities I’ve had the opportunity to participate in that have led me to pave my own path and learn from the challenges I’ve experienced. I am really excited to have the opportunity to meet and befriend like-minded people, build on theoretical knowledge gained in lectures through industry placements, and learn from industry mentors, as I really believe that Co-op is an opportunity that is unparalleled with any other university course."

Sarah Lovelady, Finance and Banking scholar

Key Application Dates

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