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The minimum academic requirement is an ATAR of 96 (or equivalent*), OR entry into the chosen degree program at UNSW, whichever is the higher. No bonus points (except EAS) will be considered for this requirement.

*Other high school examination marks, (e.g. IB or OP results) are converted by UAC for consideration as entry into the program.

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Anyone expecting an ATAR above 90 should consider applying because you could be pleasantly surprised by your results. If taking a gap year, students need to reapply during that gap year and meet that year’s entry requirements.

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Personal Qualities

We are looking for passionate, motivated, ambitious, high achievers.

Co-op scholars are selected not only on the basis of their academic ability, but also their communication skills, motivation and leadership potential as well as passion and understanding of the industry they are applying for. You will also need to demonstrate responsibility, commitment and resilience.

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The Co-op Program presents scholars with unique experiences to learn and grow. It provides opportunities for them to practice and demonstrate a high level of responsibility, commitment and resilience. This program is for students who thrive on challenges, appreciate the opportunities presented to them, make the most of every situation and commit to seeing things through to the end.

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Interests & Aptitude

We are looking for outgoing students who get involved in a wide range of activities!

On top of achieving great marks, our scholars demonstrate significant and sustained achievements outside of the classroom and have the ability to balance their academic, extracurricular and social pursuits. Our scholars care about what is happening in the community, country and the world at large.

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Co-op scholars are active in school and/or community activities, show initiative and leadership, make a significant contribution to school or community, communicate well, enjoy working with other people, want to be active within the university and Co-op community, have a real and genuine interest in a career in industry or a government enterprise in their chosen program, are ambitious and keen to contribute.

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What does the Co-op Program offer?
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The Co-op Advantage

Joining the Co-op community at UNSW enables you to form life changing connections and opens up a world of opportunities.

Watch this video and hear from some of our current Co-op scholars who describe their Co-op Advantage experience.

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