Darcy Small reports from the Y20 Summit in Argentina

15 Aug 2018
Cover Photo: Argentinian Ambassador to Australia H.E. Dr Hugo Gobbi with Y20 & OECD Delegates

Co-op Scholar Darcy Small (PHV14) 2018, Delegate to Y20 Cordoba, Argentina


The summit been great so far, and already super busy. I arrived in Buenos Aires on Wednesday and had Thursday to myself, exploring the city. On Friday morning, we had a meeting with the Australian Ambassador Noel Campbell and a number of his staff (including an Argentine political analyst) where we discussed the G20 and Y20 agendas, and were given an overview of Argentina’s political history. It’s super interesting to draw parallels between our histories as we share many things in common.

On Friday evening, the Australian delegates were treated to a cocktail party in our honour at the Ambassador’s residence. Here, we had a traditional Argentine musical performance and got to meet around 40 other young people, working in a variety of sectors across Buenos Aires. This was great to gain a young person’s perspective of life here and to learn about the many possible career paths that are available next year for me!

The following day, we visited a few popular tourist sites in Buenos Aires, including the home of tango – La Boca, before flying to Cordoba for the summit.

Then, the official summit began. On Sunday, we heard from a variety of speakers, including the Y20 leadership team, Ann Makosinki and Fioti Lula da Silva. The day closed with an event at the Ferreyra Palace, hosted by the Governer of Cordoba. Today, the “real work” started. A clear message is that the summit is not just a learning experience, but a key opportunity for young people to actually have an influence on global decisions and to demonstrate our role in shaping the world. Ilona Dougherty spoke of her research which shows the importance of cross-generational collaboration due to both different experiences and core skills that change as we grow older.

I participated in the discussion session on sustainability for development, one of the four priorities of the Y20. I had the opportunity to speak and lead the dialogue alongside Mehmet Gulluoglu, president of the Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) of Turkey and Nuria Villanova, manager of the Communication Campaign "Your index for a Better Life" from OECD. 

Overall, I have already been able to meet so many awesome people, who sometimes have an overwhelming range of achievements. The organisers of the event are all very down to earth and I think that this means we’ll have a productive and enjoyable week.