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Accountants are needed in all industries: service companies, manufacturing industries, government organisations, and the finance industry. With the right background, accountants are able to work as business managers, auditors, financial analysts, management consultants and information systems analysts. After some experience, they are often chosen to take executive positions.

There are opportunities to travel and work with a diverse range of companies. Many of the companies which sponsor the Co-op Program are global organisations, who send their successful employees all over the world.

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Accountants can be employed in any of the following fields:

Management Accounting
refers to the processes and technologies designed to secure the effective use of organisational resources, in diverse, dynamic and competitive environments.
Financial Accounting
refers to that area of accounting concerned with the design and operation of information and reporting systems directed to parties external to an organisation.
Assurance Services
refers to the examination, verification and evaluation of, and the reporting on, financial or managerial processes, systems or outcomes in diverse and evolving contexts of accountability, to improve economic decision making and add value to clients.
Treasury and Financial Markets
refers to that area of work concerned with the global management of financial risk for organisations and the evaluation of financial investments.
Management Consulting
refers to the examination and evaluation of strategies, systems, processes, outcomes and managerial dynamics of an organisation with a view to providing recommendations for improved performance.

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UNSW Business School

Offered under the four year B.Com (CO-OP)*.

* The 4 year degree program has a stand-alone UAC CODE 424600. Students applying for Co-op will need to list this code in their preferences. If students want to come to UNSW to do Business even if they are unsuccessful in gaining a Co-op scholarship, they will also need to list the standard B.Com UAC CODE 424000, in their preference list.

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Accounting and Business Management is a broad and dynamic discipline. It analyses how an organisation uses both its tangible and intangible resources and provides the information which organisations need to make decisions on the deployment of those resources efficiently and effectively. Accountants, for example, can be involved in roles as diverse as costing products or services; finding ways to organise production processes to reduce resource consumption; determining the profit a business is making, or recommending whether to acquire or divest business units.

Business interacts with a vast network of stakeholders in society. Whether they are shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, competitors, governments or the communities in which they operate. Each is affected economically by the strategies, operations and financial performance of a business. Accounting and Accountants seek to improve the economic wealth and welfare of those groups by identifying, analysing and communicating relevant financial and non- financial information to enable informed decision making to take place about a business.

During the program students will be encouraged to study the courses required for admission to both the CPA Australia and the ICAA.

For more information contact:

Dr Gary Gregory
Coordinator of Commerce Co-op Programs
Phone: (02) 9385 3389

Group of students
Who should apply?

In addition to meeting the general entrance requirements for a Co-op scholar (see Are you the next Co-op scholar?), successful Accounting and Business Management applicants should:

  • Have a strong interest in business and management and the issues associated with developing and managing business processes
  • Have proven social and communication skills and have performed well in high school English subjects
  • Have achieved a level of mathematics at high school that will enable them to cope with business economics courses that form a core for a degree in commerce at UNSW

The recommended knowledge for entry into the UNSW Co-op Program in Accounting and Business Management is:

  • Mathematics
  • Business Studies/Economics
  • English

See FAQs for 'What is Recommended &/or Assumed Knowledge?'

Industry Training

"The inherent versatility of accounting has allowed me to work for leading organisations in the financial, commercial and public sectors. Contributing to high profile financial documents (including the NSW Budget) has provided me with tangible outputs for my work and has dramatically increased my understanding of the Australian economy. The broad industry exposure has allowed me to identify what interests me early in my career, ensuring that my career will be in an industry that I am passionate about."

William Mumford
Final year Accounting & Business Management Scholar

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