Civil Engineering (CIV)

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Career opportunities

Engineering graduates, especially those who hold a UNSW Co-op scholarship, are recognised as being the best in Australia and are actively sought after by top employers.

Major recruiters include:

Consultants – who plan and design projects, with some supervision of implementation of the plans. Some firms specialise in certain areas of civil engineering (for example structures, geotechnics or water) and the work is mainly office based.

Contractors – who organise the execution of designs on sites, overseeing labour force and materials, considering time, cost, environmental and safety constraints. Work will move from site to site, so you must be prepared to be geographically mobile.

Local authorities, - who are responsible for water, drainage and highway systems. May act in both design and site management capacities.

Other large engineering organisations who specialise in mining, public transport, power generation and supply.

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The broad profession of Civil Engineering is responsible for projects that enhance the overall quality of life. They design, construct, manage, operate and maintain the infrastructure that supports modern society. This includes buildings, bridges, roads, tunnels, airfields, dams, ports and harbours, railways, new mines, water supply and sewerage schemes, irrigation systems and more. This highly sought after UNSW degree provides students with an excellent grounding in civil engineering fundamentals and applications. You’ll study structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, transport engineering and water engineering, as well as construction and management. In your fourth year, you can specialise through a full suite of electives.

For more information contact:

Dr Taehwan Kim
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Phone: (02) 9385 3383

Group of students
Who should apply?

If you want to help make a difference in society as we face the twenty-first century with its increasing urbanisation and environmental challenges, and do so within a well paid and varied career path, then you should apply.

In addition to meeting the general entrance requirements for a Co-op Scholar (see Are you the next Co-op scholar?), successful Civil Engineering applicants should:

  • Have a strong desire to design, construct and manage Civil Engineering infrastructure and systems,
  • Have an aptitude for engineering science and mechanics, mathematics and physics,
  • Be able to creatively solve open ended problems using systematic thinking and individual flair.

Working successfully in teams and managing people are also important attributes of Civil Engineers.

The recommended knowledge for entry into the UNSW Co-op Program in Civil Engineering is:

  • HSC Mathematics Extension 1
  • Physics
  • Chemistry and/or Engineering Studies

See FAQs for What is Recommended &/or Assumed Knowledge?

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