Commerce Information Systems (CIS)

Career opportunities

As one of the fastest growing areas in business, employment opportunities in Information Systems (IS) are booming. As a graduate of the CIS program, you will have a vast range of career options to choose from in the planning, management and consultation required for critical IS across all business areas.

While concentrating on building your IS knowledge and skills, you will also be able to combine them with knowledge gained across the other functional areas of business such Accounting, Marketing, Management, Banking and Finance, Enterprise Systems, Business Intelligence or Customer Relationship Management. Your skills sets will allow you to play the important role in strategising and managing IS solutions to meet business needs.

Some examples of the exciting career opportunities in management and consulting waiting for you are:

  • Principal Solution Designer 
  • IT Governance Manager 
  • Strategy and Design Manager 
  • e-Business Systems Management 
  • Project Management 
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement
  • Information Systems Consulting 
  • Management Consulting 
  • Business Analyst / Systems Analyst 
  • Information Systems Security Consulting 
  • Enterprise Systems Consulting 

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Program overview








UNSW Business School

Offered under NEW four year B Commerce (CO-OP) - UAC CODE 424600 *.

* The new 4 year degree program has a stand-alone UAC CODE 424600. Students applying for Co-op will need to list this code in their preferences. If students want to come to UNSW to do Business even if they are unsuccessful in gaining a Co-op scholarship, they will also need to list the standard B.Com UAC CODE 424000, in their preference list. 

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Find out more about Commerce Information Systems

Today's business world exists as much online, if not more so, than in person. Information Systems (IS) and their supporting Information Technologies (IT) support and drive almost every function of business, adding business value and maximising customer satisfaction. Strategic planning and management of IS is therefore critical to the success of all modern organisations. Industry is now seeking business savvy graduates with a flair for technology, people with the business know-how who can apply and manage IS solutions for business needs.

Both CIS and BIS Co-op Programs equip students with the skill sets necessary to drive IS and IT to meet business needs. However, through the CIS Program you will gain the necessary skills, theory and knowledge to excel in the strategic planning, analysis and management of IS/IT in consultation with both internal and external clients.

In undertaking the CIS Program you will gain knowledge in information systems and the supporting technologies as well as across a wide range of topics including: project management, determination of system requirements, initial analysis and system design, management and organisation of related data, information systems auditing and security, as well as business knowledge in areas such as accounting, marketing, management, banking and finance. In addition, through your Co-op placements you will gain practical experience in the application of IS and IT across a wide range of business and government organisations.

CIS Program graduates are highly sought after, many receiving multiple graduate offers upon completion of the degree. This program was launched to answer a strong industry demand for CIS graduates, and the need for these graduates continues to rise.

For more information contact:

Dr Christine Van Toorn
Director BIS / CIS Programs & Lecturer
School of Information Systems, Technology and Management
UNSW Business School
Phone: (02) 9385 5642

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Who should apply?

In addition to meeting the general entrance requirements for a Co-op Scholar (see Are you the next Co-op scholar?), successful ISM applicants should:

  • Have a strong interest in becoming a specialist in the area of information systems management and the provision of business-based solutions to meet organisational needs
  • Be keen to develop their analytical and communication skills in order to liaise effectively with all areas of the business as well as with the technical group, to help develop optimum IS solutions

If you are interested in learning about business information systems and how these systems - encompassing users and managers, processes, data and technology - support the modern organisation in achieving their corporate objectives, then the ISM course is for you!

The recommended knowledge for entry into the UNSW Bachelor of Commerce (Co-op) - Information Systems is:

  • Mathematics or Mathematics Extension 1
  • English Advanced

See FAQs for 'What is Recommended &/or Assumed Knowledge?'

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