Computer Science (CMP)

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Career opportunities

Any large company has its own IT department nowadays, and the demand for computing graduates is booming. Employment opportunities go well beyond these IT powerhouses, and many of our graduates actually end up in other industries such as in:

  • Movies and Entertainment
  • Media
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Health
  • Statistics
  • Education
  • Defence
  • Business
  • Government
  • Scientific research
  • General Tech companies

Each of these industries requires a huge IT infrastructure and most directly employ our graduates, while other alumni work as Consultants who are contracted out to other companies. 

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Two students
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Computer Scientists implement the systems that drive the Internet; look after your money; build the electronic economy; collect and analyse data in biotechnology; produce CGI effects for movies; control our vehicles and transport networks; simulate climate models; predict the weather and much, and much more. These days, almost every human endeavour involves computing.

Computer Science is the study of computer-based systems, with both hardware and software specialisations. At UNSW, we focus on building new and innovative systems rather than just training students in current technologies. The UNSW Computer Science degree covers foundation studies in algorithms, data structures, software engineering and computer systems in the first two years. Students then begin advanced studies in a chosen area, including artificial intelligence, databases, graphics, networks, etc. The degree program also has flexibility to allow students to minor in areas such as business, languages, psychology, arts and sciences.

All UNSW Computer Science Co-op graduates emerge from their study with a broad understanding of computing principles, overlaid with a sound knowledge of important computing technologies and a wide range of immediately applicable skills, along with important industry experience.

For more information contact:

A/Prof Gustavo Batista
Co-op Coordinator
School of Computer Science and Engineering
Phone: (02) 9385 1607


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