Mining Engineering (MIN)

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Career opportunities

Career opportunities exist in areas such as:

  • Mine production
  • Mine management
  • Engineering design and technology
  • Computer software development
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Corporate management
  • Merchant banking
  • Civil tunnelling
  • Quarrying
  • Risk management
  • Project management
  • Education and training
  • Consulting
  • Mine design
  • Financial evaluation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Geotechnical design
  • Environmental assessment
  • Government (Inspectors, Policy formulation, Administration)

This spectrum of career paths provides male and female graduates with the flexibility to work in and move between a diverse range of environments and locations: national and international, country and city, surface or underground, outdoors or office. It also accounts for the very low rate of unemployment amongst mining engineers, even in periods of economic downturn. 

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Group of students
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Mining Engineering is concerned with the safe, economic and environmentally responsible recovery, processing, and marketing of mineral resources from the earth. Mining Engineering degree programs include elements from a number of other disciplines such as geology, metallurgy, commerce, economics and management.

Mining Engineering is one of the three foundation disciplines at UNSW and rates as one of the largest and most vibrant centres of tertiary mining education in the western world. The School has produced over 30% of Australia's mining engineers in the last 30 years.

Mining scholarship payments

Mining Engineering scholars are paid a yearly Scholarship of $12,350 p.a. plus guaranteed a minimum of $740.78 per week from the sponsor company while they are on Industry Training placements.

For more information contact:

Dr Guangyao Si 
Co-op Coordinator
School of Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering 
Phone: (02) 9385 5727 

Who should apply?

In addition to meeting the general entrance requirements for a Co-op scholar (see Are you the next Co-op scholar?), successful applicants for the Mining Program will be interested in a dynamic career in the industry which is an integral part of Australia's ongoing development in the 21st Century.

The recommended knowledge for entry into the UNSW Co-op Program in Mining Engineering is:

  • Mathematics Extension 1
  • Physics and / or Chemistry

See FAQs for 'What is Recommended &/or Assumed Knowledge?'

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